How Social Media Helps Businesses

Social media helps businesses and should be an important part of your business’s marketing plan. It is more than what you ate, who you like or don’t like and where you’ve been. For businesses it’s an indispensable tool in driving traffic to you and converting that traffic to sales.

Let’s look at ways social media can help your business.

Attract New Customers

At least a third of Facebook users engage with business through their Facebook pages. That may not seem like a lot, but considering there are almost 2.5 million active users for Facebook alone, the number of potential new customers can be exciting. More than 60 million businesses have social media accounts for their business. Do you?

Build Awareness

Do you have a product or service that serves people outside your community or possibly even globally? Those active social media users may not be aware of your products or services. How, besides social media, would they be able to learn about your business to even think about calling you?

Boost Traffic & Sales

Social media can boost traffic to your website and boost sales. You wouldn’t think of not having a website for your business, but how do people know about your website? Yes, you can pay for expensive print ads or search engine ads, but posting on social media in the right way is free. Who doesn’t like free advertising?

Become an Authority

People like to buy from people and companies they feel they can trust to know what said company or person is saying is true. Posting solutions to problems in your industry can make you look like an authority in your field.

Show That You Are Real

It shows that you are real, that you are authentic. People like buying from small businesses when possible. Social media can show your personality. It can show your interests. It helps you connect with other people.

Social media encourages interaction.

Social media is all about interaction. When someone comments on your posts you have an opportunity to interact with them. It’s a great first step in building a relationship with them. Interaction can happen also with shares. People like your posts and share them with others. So, it’s like a small referral every time someone shares your post.

Affordable Form of Advertising

It’s an economical way to grow your business. Have you looked at different types of advertising? Social media is quite affordable compared to print ads or television time, even when running ads on the different platforms. Those shares that were mentioned are completely free. Regular posts are free. Paid ads are inexpensive compared to print or television ads and can be targeted to your ideal prospect.

How NOT to Use Social Media

With your business account the number one thing you want to remember is to not always be selling. Don’t post product after product. People stop paying attention to products. They want to be entertained and educated.

Also, don’t ignore comments. Make sure you are interacting with people on different platforms. It is called social media for a reason. Make your business social!

Changes are always happening to the way the different platforms show posts on their feeds. Don’t ignore these changes. Make sure you or your social media manager stays alert to these changes so that your social media marketing efforts are not in vain.

Get Started

As you can see, social media should be part of your business’s marketing strategy. If you are uncomfortable with creating content for social media or if you don’t have time to add one more item to you “to do” list, we at King Branding Company would love to be working with you!