Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

It is a strategic approach in marketing a business as a trusted authority in its industry. Information is shared to educate, entertain and connect businesses with people who are interested in or in need of what the business offers. While the purpose ultimately is to propel a person into a profitable action, content marketing should be done with no strings attached. It is the cornerstone of inbound marketing because without content there is nothing to share with the world.

Forms of Content Marketing

Content is basically information and you want that information to be valuable to your audience. You want that information to make people feel informed so they feel smarter or you want that information to be entertaining. That’s why there are many different forms of content that you can use effectively for your company. Let’s take a look at some.

Blogs – There are so many types of blog posts that can be shared.  Use this space of your website to educate your customers and potential customers to set yourself apart in your industry as an expert. People do business with people that they trust. Knowledge helps build trust.

White Papers – This form of content is used to convey that you are an expert on the subject. Provide these documents to your customers to educate them on a topic that your expertise can assist them in their business. These can be used as a thank you giveaway for people who subscribe to an email list for your company.

E-Books – A longer version of white papers, e-books inform and educate, showing that you are the expert. These forms of content are valuable to provide an in depth or complete look at the information you are sharing.

Product Descriptions – Your website becomes much more effective at educating potential customers with product descriptions done well.

FAQs – Having a frequently asked questions section is beneficial. This important part of your website can answer many questions for potential customers and to save time for employees.

Images/Videos – Quality images speak to people. Videos connect people. Infographics make people feel smarter or more informed. Memes entertain people. The use of images and/or video in your content brings people closer and make them want to know you more.

Social Media Marketing – What you display on your business’s social media is important to attract potential customers. 

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