Promotional Products – Why They Are the Answer to Your Marketing Needs

But I market digitally…

In a digital world where so much emphasis in advertising is put on social media and content marketing one would think that promotional products were as antiquated as a newspaper ad.

One might be mistaken.

Giving someone a branded product helps keep your company fresh in the mind of your customers and those you wish to serve.

Let’s look at some stats!

Let’s look at some stats about promotional products from the Sage blog. Sage is a “leading provider of research and marketing solutions to the promotional products industry, providing product research and business management services, website and email services, e-commerce solutions, printed end user catalogs, artwork services, payment processing, trade shows and trade show services.” 

Did you know that eight in ten people who buy things posses at least one promotional product? Some own up to 10! And of those ten consumers six of them keep those products for up to two years. That’s a long time to have your brand in someone’s possession!

Need a little more inspiration to make promotional items part of your marketing strategy?

Does your marketing efforts need a boost?

The addition of a promotional item to your marketing efforts actually increase performance on your other marketing avenues. By how much you ask? Try up to 44%! That is quite a bit of help to get your name out to the masses, and with very little effort!

Do you have as many referrals as you’d like?

Need a referral? Promotional items garner as many as 500 percent more referrals than in asking for a referral alone. Gifts are many people’s love language after all.

What products should you choose?

How do you know which products to choose for your brand?

The two most important questions to ask when looking at promotional products for marketing are: (1) Is it new/trendy/attention getting and (2) Is it useful? The second question is most important for long term results as 77% of people site that a product that is useful is the number one reason to keep it. So, while there is a time and place for trendy gadgets (remember the fidget spinner), your safest bet is to make sure your branded item is useful.

What are the most useful promo items with the best bang for your buck?

The lowest cost items per impression are pens and bags. These products are used over and over. Buy a quality pen to brand and you will be thought of again and again. Ranking in the top most useful categories are health, safety, computer and writing products.

Fun Fact

A fun fact: promotional products are the only form of advertising that someone will thank you for after they receive them. With branded mugs being a more effective form of advertising than radio and television ads, why not stretch your advertising dollars with promotional products and garner gratitude with your clients at the same time.

Let us help!

The hardest part of using promotional products in your marketing strategy is choosing which type to start with. The easiest way to choose is have in mind your budget and an idea of how many people you would want to have your branded items and call us to help you. We can give you choices within that budget to make the most of your advertising dollars. If you want to begin browsing on your own, here is a link to our online catalog. We look forward to working with you!